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About the Sekhmet Healing Temple

About Sekhmet Shabaka

With over 15 years experience in healing, Sekhmet realizes that her gifts come from an abusive childhood that caused her to tap into  the spiritual mysteries (healing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience etc. and discover a world of mystic beings.  These beings include Angels, Jesus, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Holy Spirit and everything of God and the universe.  Contact her for a reading.  

Sekhmet offers instant blessings of healing in the mind with her gift of prophecy. As an Intuitive Healer and Prophet, she is able to channel the Holy Spirit so intensely, that, in most cases, the subject’s pain is removed from the body right away. With her healing ability, with the help of the Holy Spirit, she is able to read any unhealthy conditions of the body with the scan of her hand and find illness in the body and remove the illness without actually touching the body.

Sekhmet has traveled and lived throughout the country healing and advising high-powered celebrities to the everyday person.  

Sekhmet also organizes Groups for journeys into Spiritual Enlightment.

"It is always challenging to bring the spiritual into the material world, but it is one of the only ways we can put people back in touch with the Spirit and their inner values."

-Sobonfu Some